Ah, an IDE write-up! I must add my 2 cents! (Yes, I shall proceed to enter 2 pennys into my floppy drive.)

Now then, Superunknown_GP, is correct on all counts, but lucky guys, like myself, have 4, yes count 'em, 4 IDE channels.

Let me show off.

Let me explain.

Some newer motherboards, like my own KT7-RAID, have 4 IDE channels, two of which are ATA/100 or RAID. Nice, huh? Now then, these extra channels should be used exclusively for hard drives. I say this, because no other drives will go that speed.

Remember this: Hard drives always get the fastest channels, but use xunker's lowest common denominator rules. Period.

Now then, my monster
I mean my setup.

Chrono's Setup

I have 2 20Gb ATA/66 hard drives at RAID 0 (Striping) on the 2 ATA/100 channels. I have my DVD-Rom on my ATA/66 Primary channel, and my CD-burner on my ATA/66 secondary channel. See? Maxamum throughput at all times!