Daisuke Aurora is the only human field agent assigned to the Special Forces Unit of the City Safety Management Agency in the anime series Heat Guy J. He is the central character of the series.

Daisuke is your typical anime action hero, with a devil may care attitude and a heart of gold, although thankfully he displays more swagger then angst. Cool and quick with a gun or snappy comeback, he sometimes shows more depth then appears to have. His father was killed by an android, which sometimes makes for an interesting relationship with his partner J.

Daisuke appears to have been assigned his position by his older brother Shun Aurora, who is the chief of the agency. Shun stays very much in the shadows, uninvolved in the day to day operations of the agency. His presence is really only felt those times when Daisuke is forced to invoke his brothers name in order to get out of jurisdiction disputes with the main police force. This does not exactly make Daisuke a very popular character with the higher ups.

Probably what sets Daisuke apart from your average anime action hero is his incredibly laid back attitude. And not one of the many 'to cool for you' characters that have sprung up like weeds around the heels of Spike Spiegel. Daisuke is very much his own person, depicted as a guy who is just trying to do his job in his own unique style. Its very refreshing to see a hero in an anime series that doesn't break down crying every other episode yet is still capable of showing a nice, normal, human level of emotion.

Daisuke Aurora is definitely the defining character of the show, reflecting the series' attitudes while still remaining an unusually dynamic character considering the confines of his role.