It's a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose.
-- The description on the game's website.
---That's it. That's the game.

It is a well known fact that all geese are mischievous and awful creatures. If you have ever met a well-behaved goose, it was likely plotting something dastardly and never got the chance to enact its devious machinations. And now with Untitled Goose Game, you, a mere human, can experience some semblance of what it is like to be a mischievous goose.

You are Goose. You are in an abandoned backwoods trail-- likely abandoned because you have driven everyone away. This trail is part of a quaint English village whose inhabitants your goose character torments in the goosiest ways possible. Once you leave your tutorial trail and get into town, your goose has a checklist of things it must do that day, including, "Steal the groundskeeper’s keys", "[put the] Rake in the Lake", "Trap the Shopkeeper in the Garage", and "Get Dressed Up with a Ribbon".

As you complete your checklist, more areas of the village will become available to you, with more citizens to harass, objects to steal, and things to honk at. The areas are: The Garden, The High Street, The Back Gardens, The Pub, and The Model Village.

You have a dedicated honk button, and a dedicated "spread your wings slightly" button that does nothing but makes you feel like a goose.

The game was created by House House, an Australian indie game dev and released in September of 2019 (after some delay). The title was actually the working title from when the game was in development, and they threw it in-- which is somehow oddly fitting. The game is currently available for PC as an exclusive through the Epic Games store and is slated to be on Steam come 2020. it is also available for Nintendo Switch, but if you don't want to actually play it, there are plenty of youtubers who've done it for you.

Also, there are lots of great memes and art. Seriously, go look some of it up! A lot of it's fantastic.