Aaron sat up in bed and stretched. Sunshine poured through the slits in the blinds, and his internal clock told him it was time for school.

He oozed out of bed, pulled on a semi-clean shirt, and grabbed his backpack, all without really waking up. Yawning widely, he threw open the bedroom door. His eyelids were still mostly stuck together.

It was raining in the hallway. All along the hall water was pouring down, and the floor was flooded in it. When he looked up at the ceiling, he saw dark clouds swirling and storming above. Small bolts of lightning flashed, and he was almost certain he heard the booming of thunder.

He stared dumbly into the hall for a minute, waiting for his head to kick into gear and provide him with a reasonable explanation. When he bothered to look down again, he saw that the pool of water from the hall stopped exactly at the doorway, as though an invisible wall was holding it out.

After a few moments careful consideration, Aaron slowly closed the door and crawled back into bed.

Weird weather we're having
, he thought.

He curled up beneath covers and went back to sleep.