Substitute teachers. We all love them. There seems to be several specific classes that all substitutes fit into.

New Teacher - Currently working towards his/her teaching license and credentials. The true gems are those that have been assigned to their first ever class - of 1st grade brats. They try to be nice, but cry in despair by the end of the day.

Retired Veteran - Old guys often decide to take a teaching job once they're retired. They fit into two subcategories: the sweet, cool ones who like to talk about their experience during WW2 and their childhood years, then give some advice as long as the kids listen; and the grumpy geezers that often end up getting ignored because they sound senile. The nice ones actually are quite decent, almost like grandpa cool.

Retired Teacher - Most often of the female sex, these can be scary to little kids. Despite their infinite teaching experience, all they end up doing is screaming or falling asleep.

Midlife Crisis - These people make you wonder what they've been doing all their life. They're still at the age of decent employment opportunities, but too old to begin teaching. Most are careless about what they're doing, and can end up swearing at the kids.

Entertainer - Some teachers leave lesson plans for their substitutes. The entertainer rips up such plans, and decides to do their own thing. They'd rather spend the entire day/class period teaching how to fold origami or play the guitar. Some of them are rather funny; others are just silly.

Careless - These are dangerous for the kids that get picked on. Once they tell the kids the assignments, they sit at the teacher's desk and remain silent - through all the chaos that happens around him/her. For all they care, some bully may be feeding glue to a puny kid in the corner.

The beauty of substitute teachers is often underestimated.