House of Teriyaki is probably the best teriyaki place I know of in the Portland area. It is not far from my work, inexpensive, and very, very good. People usually call in their orders and pick up the food to go, and on any work day, you can see people in suits waiting for their order in this little hole in the wall restaurant.

They have a lunch specials menu that has all their specialties, like chicken yakisoba, teriyaki, and sweet and sour pork, priced between $5 and $5.25 for a large helping. All the specials come with steamed rice. The price is great because its reasonable, and when everyone at work is giving you money to get them some food, its easy to calculate how much you will need to have when you get there. The food is always fresh and hot, and usually ready when you get there to pick it up. The teriyaki is char-broiled, which makes it taste better than most places.

Where I work, if you are going to House of Teriyaki, you had better mention it to your co-workers and offer to pick something up for them, or else they will get royally pissed off when you come back and eat your yummy food in front of them. The last time I was chosen for a teriyaki run, I had orders from 8 people.

House of Teriyaki is located in Tigard, Oregon on Highway 99 across from Tigard Cinema. Their current hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:30am to 9:00pm. They are closed on Sunday. You can call them at 503-620-2125 if you need directions or to place an order.