Shaula is a name mistakenly given to two stars in the Constellation Scorpius. The first of the stars is Shaula, and the second, with which it is often (mistakenly) mentioned, is Lesath.

Names for Shaula:
    Shaula - from Arabic Ash-Shaulah/Al Shaulah. "The raised tail of the Scorpion"
    Vicritau - from Hindu of the same. "Two Releasers". Reffering to both Lasath and Shaula
    Minamref - from Coptic Egyptian, "The Sting".
    Sarur - from Egyptian, same as above. More frequent on Euphrates.
    Khachman - from Khorasmia, "Curved". Reffered to number of stars on the Constellation Scorpius.
    Vanant - from Persian, "Smiter". Alternately translated as "Seizer" or "Stinger".
    Vanand - from Sogdian, of the same meaning as above. Both reffered to a variety of stars.
    Lambda Scorpii - from the 11th letter in the Greek alphabet, of the Constellation Scorpius. Its brother, Lesath, is known as Upsilon Scorpii.
    17330114 - Skymap Number
    158926 - Henry Draper (HD) Number
    6527 - Harvard Revised (HR) Number
    208954 - SAO Number
    CD-3711673 - Durchmusterung (DM) Number
    17336-3706 - Washington Double Stars (WDS) Number
Other Facts
  • One of the 25 brightest stars in night sky
  • Over four times hotter than the sun at 25,000 Kelvin
  • Unusually strong source of low-energy X-rays, which suggests possibly white dwarf
  • Mass eleven times that of our sun