Actually, Mr. Clancy is slightly off on his details.

       Carlos the Jackal was staying as a guest of the Sudanese government in Khartoum. The Sudanese were adamant in not giving up Carlos, for to give up a guest would amount to treachery.

       Carlos, a womanizer and frequent party-goer, helped secure his own departure. When a secret video of Carlos taken at a party was shown to Sheik Hassan al-Turabi, the Sheik finally agreed that Carlos should be given up on the stipulation that Carlos was not to be harmed during his capture.

       On August 13, 1994, Carlos was admitted into the Ibn Khaldoun hospital in Khartoum for minor sugery to correct his low sperm count. On entering Sudan, Carlos had used Muslim law, which permits polygamy, to marry another wife, and was anxious to father a child with her. The procedure was completed sucessfully, and while recovering, a Sudanese police officer entered his room and informed him that the government had uncovered a plot to kill him. Carlos was told he was being transferred to a military hospital for his own protection.

       He was instead driven to a villa in the town of Taif, close to the residence of Sheik al-Turabi. Despite the rather dilapidated conditions of the villa, Carlos was determined to rest.

       At approximitely 3 AM he was awoken by a group of men holding him down on the bed. He was bound hand and foot and a hood placed over his head. He was than administered a tranquilizer in the thigh. Within the hour, he was in an executive jet, flying back to France in the hands of the DST.

       Carlos' capture had in fact violated several international laws, so the French government was quick to place a spin on the capture. It stated that the Sudanese transported Carlos to France, and then the DST had captured him upon arrival.

       The Jackal had been caged.