Disclaimer: The other day I nuked the writeups in this node because I never "Aftermathed" the meet. I did this without thinking. This was a very important event for at least two people that were involved. So without further ado we are resurrecting this node in the only way we can...

Event Date: July 14, 2001
Event Location: Started at the Amsterdam and wandered around from there.
Event Participants:

Vacation time for Xamot! Being the international jet setter that I am, I went to Canada this year for my vacation. I flew to Detroit to meet up with my jet setting friend Mike (from Detroit). After a night of drinking fo'ties, Mike (from Detroit) and I drove into the foreign unknown of Canada and made our way to Canada's New York City. The drive was uneventful except for me making fun of Mike (from Detroit)'s inability to navigate the "confusing" streets of a foreign land. We get checked into our hotel and headed off to MEET NODERS!

    Some background info: I was going on vacation to the Great White North anyway and was asking Canadian noders where they would advise I visit while in a few of their cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Niagra. I mentioned to those I spoke to if they wanted to meet up and have a beer to let me know. Several were interested, but none took the initiative of organizing something so I did. Becca heard about it, decided to travel to Toronto, and try to drag along some other noders. jbird had suggested C'est What for the event and later anthropod suggested the Amsterdam because it had outdoor seating. I decided sitting outside on a nice Canadain evening sounded great. Maybe it was a bad decision to switch because jbird never showed up. I went to C'est What a few days later and it was a VERY cool place.

I got out my map and Mike (from Detroit) and I made our way through the unknown foreign streets of Toronto, explored the subways, walked some more and found the Amsterdam! Mike (from Detroit) and I were the first to show up. We ordered some beers and appitizers and sat and waited... and waited... and waited... (j/k). Noders started to trickle in. I forget the exact order, but antropod showed up with her friend Marco, birdonmyshoulder* wondered around the place before finally deciding we looked like noders, Lord Brawl appeared, and Becca and zaph wondered in. (I think I'm missing somebody, must update after the nuked one gets to my node heaven.)

As people showed up and introductions were made we chatted, drank, and ate. I learned athropod has lived a damn interesting life. Antrhopod and her friend Marco where pretty fun to hang out with. I learned birdonmyshoulder* sleeps in a tent and plants trees (well not at the time, but in the past. Yay for trees!) and can speak in a killer Canadian accent. I learned about Turbo Dollars. I talked with Lord Brawl for a while. He is a cool guy who knows his hockey. (It is a shame he isn't too active on e2 anymore.) It is always great to meet other people that have been around since the old e1 days. I had never talked with zaph before this (a self-proclaimed member of the reading-class of e2), but he is an excellent man. And we didn't steal his Kidneys! I had my scalpel and ice back at the hotel, but since he asked so nicely in his daylog I decided I could go home from a meet without a souvenir. Becca, I met at the HOT DAMN! An E2 gathering in Ohio?!?!! and who I learned from that there was evidently rampant hookups at that gathering! Noders need lovin' too, I suppose.

We took some photos, laughed, talked about e2, Canada, and other things. And I started to feel the effects of the beer. anthropod and Marco said their goodbyes and the rest of us walked off to another bar to find dinner for those that had not eaten and for a change of scenery. I got lost at this point. With the beers in me I had NO IDEA where we were at. I think at this point I also started to babble. Mike (from Detroit) and I made good on the promise to sing the Canadian National Anthem. With some help from Lord Brawl we managed to stumble through it. (I hope that was entertaining for the rest of you folks). I had a good time at this second bar. Even though I cannot recall the name. We harassed the waitress, were loud and boisterous, acted like the annoying Americans some of us were.

Essentially for the rest of the evening just assume I was babbling at someone. I think at the Hot Damn! I hardly talked to anyone. At this meet I think I talked too much. Alas that is me.

Finally we lost Lord Brawl and birdonmyshoulder* and were left with the four Americans in a foreign city. We made our way to the El Macumbo. I really liked this club. Dive rock bar! woot! We had a missed meeting with another noder here how forgot his ID and was supposed to meet us there. My brain fails me as to who it was.

Finally the night is late or we just wore out. I think it was pretty late. The four travelers head back to the hotel. I went along with Becca and zaph to the room they were sharing and continued to chat about e2 and other nonsense until I couldn't stand up anymore. zaph had a rather powerful liquor stashed in his luggage. Some how I managed to stumble to the elevator and get the electronic key to operate the door to my room. Where I promptly passed out.

Saturday morning! I'm hungover. Find Becca and zaph and find some breakfast and say the final goodbyes as they head back to the states. From there Mike (from Detroit) and I started the rest of our adventures....

The was a special one for Becca and zaph as they met thanks to the meet. They got to know each other. Began dating. And are now engaged!!!!

I forgot about The "Fuck You, Clown!" Story must work into a future meet.