This 1986 sci-fi movie was directed by Alan Johnson. It was written by Walon Green and D.A. Metrov. The cast includes Richard Jordan as Grock, Jami Getz as Terra, Jason Patric as Jason, Lukas Haas as Daniel, James LeGros as Metron, Claude Brooks as Rabbit, Peter DeLuise as Tug, Peter Kowanko as Gavial, Adrian Pasdar as Darstar, Sarah Douglas as Shandray, Charles Dunning as The Warden, and more.

In a future where water is scarce, he who controls it controls the world. An extreme militaristic government controls the water and the world. In a government prison camp for kids we find a group of rebellious youngsters. For a source of release these kids play a game that is a combination of hockey, lacrosse, and rollerblading. The kids will sneak out at night and play this game. (It obviously isn't that hard to escape, but in a world without water where would they go.) On one such night they find a orb, that just happens to be the same size as the balls they use in their game, but this orb is special. The orb has a strange effect on them and they finally decide to try to cross the wasteland to find a place to live away from the oppressing government. But the government doesn't want to let them get away so easily, and they want the orb too.

This is not a great movie. Obviously made with a small budget. It is a B-movie. Cheesy sci-fi. Which means I liked this movie, plot holes and all.