Released in 2000 by NOFX on Epitaph Records.

Recorded at: Motor Studios
Produced by: Ryan Greene and Fat Mike
Recorded and mixed by: Ryan Greene
All Songs by Fat Mike
Additional Vocals: Spike Slawson
Accordian: Bill Hansson

Three Songs that didn't make the album:

  1. Medio-core
  2. Insulted By Germans
  3. One Way Ticket to Fuckneckville
I had just gotten this album the day I noded this. After listening to it several times I'm disappointed with it. Thank God It's Monday is great, after that there are a couple good songs, a couple funny ones, but for the most part this album doesn't live up to some of the quality songs NOFX has made. Oh well, they seem to release almost every song they make, can't expect all of them to be amazing.

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