And then there are the other Objectivists -- those who hold the scribblings of "Miss Rand" to be sacred.

Vaguely Fascist review of Rand's For the New Intellectual found on

"Choking from the Smoke is a lying second-hander, parasite, looter, value-destroyer, and hater of the good for being the good. Ayn Rand discovered and integrated the ONLY COMPLETELY TRUE AND RATIONAL PHILOSOPHY. We who agree with her are not 'cultists' but are RATIONALLY PERSUADED that she was RIGHT - because she WAS, and to deny it is to deny reality. Those who disagree are merely revealing themselves as the subhuman wretches that they are. These lice who evade reason and reality have FREELY CHOSEN the premises of DEATH - and when the principles of Ayn Rand are put into practice, they will be put out of their misery as they so richly deserve and WANT.

Anyone who wants to work for that future can LIVE IN IT TODAY by reading the works of the greatest genius who ever lived: Ayn Rand. This book is a good introduction to her thought.

Fight for the DEATH of the looters!

In the name of the best within us!"

Isn't it odd how you won't find an Objectivist who acknowledges himself to be a "looter"? Those who follow this elitist claptrap all feel they will be at the top of the heap, comes the revolution.

Compare: Leninism (or any other sort of vanguardism)