How do I see Nihilsm?
As a negation of everything we have been led to accept and believe by our culture as a whole.

For example:
Mythologies are legends, nothing to take seriously, they offer nothing at all of value to you in a "modern" society. This is what most of us have been told indirectly by a Christian society. Even those of us who state we are atheist will still atest to this belief without the realization that they are speaking lies told for 1500 years.
My reaction is this: I read the Bible, what I find is nothing more that Jewish myth. There is nothing seperating it from what I can relate to like Norse Myth except that one makes more sense to me and is considered "dead" and the other won due to politics. Now we all are supposed to believe in the one that won, even though it is alien to our original cultures, if you are European or Native to a country that we have invaded of course. If you are from the Middle East perhaps it makes more sense, perhaps not.

Nihilism is useful to go deeper into the Bullshit that has been fed to us and to question it. However it has a weakness:
By over thinking anything you will become weak.
Meaning Nihilism taken to the furthest extent will make you weak and unable to make a decision or able to take a stand, for you will negate your very existence. A Nihilist like this should just kill themselves for they will live a pointless life.

Nihilism is only useful to a certain point, until you find something that makes sense to you, then perhaps it is not as useful.

Question the society you are in, see if it makes sense to you.

My culture? I hate this society and culture.