Just a couple of notes for posterity.

Note the first: If you end up going to a pimps'n'hos party, and you drink a lot, and do a lot of drugs, and watch an ex-city councilman lovingly, yet desperately clutching onto his boy (that looks to be about the same age you were when that not-yet-city councilman had a crush on you (which was fifteen years ago, but you tell everyone ten)), don't then launch into a diatribe about how evil the ex-city councilman is for managing to get Ford to contribute fifty fuel cell powered vehicles to the university to which you (still) attend, all right? It's crass, takes advantage of the ex-city councilman's drunken, drugged, horny, desperate, or otherwise altered state, and reveals the fact that you're a professional student who is ungracious into the bargain. A pimps'n'hos party is not the place to debate the evils of corporate America, nor to take out petty revenge on an ex-fling.

That was for them, this one's for me:

Note the second: If you go to a pimps'n'hos party and you drink a lot, and do a lot of drugs and party like you're 18 or 28 instead of 38, and have a wonderful time, including playing electronic Taboo with a bunch of people, including the most amazing drag queen who is also seven feet tall, and don't want the wonderful time to end, and so you happen to think it a really good idea to go get a Bloody Mary at 8:30 in the morning in one of the worst white trash dive bars in town still dressed as a pimp with a black woman as your companion, who's still dressed as a ho ... remember this:

It's not really a good idea.

It is, however, very interesting.