Good night, son.

Daddy, I'm afraid, why can't I sleep in your bed anymore? Even only sometimes??

You're too big for that now, fat bear, you're old enough to have your own bed. It means you're a big boy now.

But I'm cold, Daddy, my feet are cold.

They are? Well come here, you feet! Rubrubrubwarmwarmwarmsleepsleepsleep.

(Drowsy). Daddy will you play come here, you feet with me again tomorrow night?

Every night you need me to, son.



How come we have to sleep in the same bed now? We used to have our own rooms. I'm sad.

Well, Pigs, you've got to understand that Mom's got a new life now, and doesn't make as much money as Dad did. That's why we moved to New Mexico, and why we have to share a bedroom. But that's okay, things won't always be like this. I promise.

This is weird. I've always slept alone. Do you snore? Do I snore? I don't think I can sleep like this, how can I?

I know how ... come here, you feet!!!


Dad never played come here, you feet with you?

No, I hardly remember when Mom and Dad lived together. What is it.


That's nice.

Go to sleep now.

(Sleepy). Did you know that you're my brother? Did you know that you're my brother and I love you?

*choke* I know, Pigs. I know.

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you letting me stay here.

Don't worry about it. I'm happy to help out.

Kinda weird sleeping with another guy like this.

*chuckle* You should talk to my brother.


Never mind.

Well, seriously, you're the best friend I think I've ever had. Is it wrong for me to tell you I love you?

Of course not!

I love you. And not just because you've been so nice to me, but because you're you. Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

No problem, buddy. I love you too. You're a great pal, and you'll land on your feet again soon.

(sleepy) Is that your foot?

(equally sleepy) Hmmm? Yeah, sorry.

No. Come here, you foot.

What? What did you just say?

(embarrassed) Nothing. I just wanted to rub your foot with mine. I guess I don't make sense sometimes.

I'm going to kiss you now.

I know. Please do. Please now.

Come here, you feet!

*gales of laughter*