I can’t believe no one has written to this node yet. I have trouble believing that E2 is not filled with Quakeworld ancestors. High Ping Bastard is a slang term whose creation coincided with the advent of Quakeworld. It was an affectionate term used by those who were using a slow Internet connection (Dial-up). It was often abbreviated to HPB, which would show up often during a game. Usually by the player who had the slow connection, because he wants to preemptively give an excuse for losing. He would either say "I'm a HPB," or "You're a Low Ping Bastard." This definition may seem cynical, perhaps by someone who was tired of having his speedy connection credited for his victories. Alas, this was not my predicament. I was a HPB for my entire Quakeworld “career.” I found it easier to blame my modem for losing, then my complete lack of mouse + keyboard dexterity.

For those who have little Internet game playing experience, the disadvantage with a dial-up connection is the slower rate of data transfer. Which would cause a delay for the modem users, referred to as “lag.” This lag would cause a slower firing reaction, and more sporadic aim. The disadvantage was lessened significantly as Quakeworld evolved. I will leave the more in-depth technical reasoning for this to the Quakeworld node. In a nutshell: Quakeworld’s major contribution to online gaming was “client-side prediction.” Called “pushlatency” to skilled Quake console users.

Related side post: High Ping Bastard was also the name of a Quakeworld clan during the peak of the Quakeworld clan scene. I joined them near the end, coming from a previous clan whose name I’ve forgotten. Our IRC channel was on the Planetquake server, where many other clans were located (mostly mid level clans, with some exceptions). Some examples of the exceptions: Evil Geniuses, Ruthless Bastards, Doppleganger, Wicked Demise, and Onastick. The clan eventually closed due to the high amount of unwanted members, we restarted again as the Angels of Death. That clan was run by Shoshin (the original leader), Octane, and Woburn. It also saw its demise, as did the entire Quakeworld scene shortly after Quake2 came out.

I have used my spotty memory to rehash my clan history. I could very well have something like the IRC server wrong. If so msg me and I'll fix it. I wish more people would do write-ups on their Quakeworld clan memories. I also have a write-up on what I believe Quakeworld's importance to the Internet is, click here.