On a map, Kerala is a tiny stretch of land along the Arabian Sea, snugly lying between it and the relatively enormous neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless, it holds so many wonderful surprises for the tourist folk, that they fondly call it God's own country. How the name came into being is a mystery, and plausible explanations include it being a serene, beautiful landscape with greenery all around, which bring people so close to nature as to make them feel one with it. To feel in union with the creation by itself brings any believer closer to his God... hence the befitting name.

This peaceful land is inhabited by Malayalam speaking people who are not satisfied just by making ends meet. Survival is not everything for the well-informed folk of this thickly populated state. They keep abreast of latest developments in any field across the world and are quite eloquent on any subject matter put to them. Such is the state of affairs that in health parameters, they equal in standard with any developed country of the world. This unique distinction of Kerala that sets it apart from the overall appalling health status of India is attributed to one basic characteristic, viz., female literacy and a high female to male ratio in the state. The necessity of an educated female population cannot be overemphasized. In Kerala, girls are not considered a burden to be rid of as quickly as possible by marriage, but they are allowed equal opportunities to get education alongside their male siblings.