Chang Er.

A Chinese deity, more commonly romanized as Chang E or Chang O. There are a number of different backstories about her origins and why she took her radical action, so I'll just tell you what she did and not why. She swiped an elixir of immortality that was supposed to be for her husband, and drank it, becoming a goddess. Now in trouble, she fled to the Moon, where she can still be seen. Like Lilith, because of her rebellion against patriarchy she has frequently been depicted as somewhat negative, but she has not been demonized. She is still viewed as a beautiful immortal who just happens to live alone in the Moon rather than in Heaven with the other immorals. She is usually depicted as a graceful young woman, sometimes accompanied by the rabbit that is the only other occupant of the moon. Check your egg roll's paper wrapper; a popular Chinese food-supply company prints red pictures of Chang Er dancing in the moon on their wrappers.