Margaret Trigg was an underground starlet who had acted in a television sitcom and worked as a go-go dancer in New York. She was a gifted, effusive performer and she had a good soul.
She also suffered from anorexia and bulemia, and was addicted to reconstructive surgery and any number of dietary supplements. When she died, New York Magazine published a rather tawdry article on her life and her work. The back of the magazine was loaded with advertisements for reconstructive surgery and dietary supplements, as well as ads for female escorts (almost implying being that women who didn't get the work done would lose their men to the glossy, enhanced alternatives.) Faceboy wrote a letter to the editor rebuking the magazine and all of its works. When he finds a copy of it I'm going to node it here... I think if any piece of writing to come out of the Art Star scene approached a level of quote/unquote "Literary Importance", that letter would be it.