Today I awoke in a freezing room, to an alarm clock in the shape of a chicken, screaming, "Yeah! Hey! C'mon baby wake up, and come and dance with me!" over and over and over again...I then realized that I had 20 minutes in which to get up, get dressed, eat breakfest, get to school, and get to the practice football field for marching band practice. All throughout the day i lurched from class to class just waiting for the final period.

Then, in 10th period my teacher informed the class that he had just recieved a protoype robotic lawnmower that would mow your lawn for you. I, of course asked to use the remote control and was soon piloting the "robomower" through the halls for the next 10 minutes.

I promptly scurried to my bus after the final bell rang, and slept on the bus ride home. Upon returning home I went to sleep, and then woke up to check my email and check out, which i will cheer you all up if you're ever feeling low.