A ski trail at Alta, UT. The most prominent slope, and the first thing you’ll see when you look head on at the mountain. It is on the hill that sticks out between the two base lodges, and it comes to a halt abruptly, turning from a 60° slope into flat ground and a rope tow almost instantly. This adds tremendously to the mystique. Every single person on that rope tow gets to watch you come down two kilometers of almost vertical, mogul covered trail, and quake in fear for the safety of your mind and body.

Of course, any pansy can traverse over to the lower half of Rustler and ski down the last half, but that’s not the point of the run. The point of this run is that you have to take your skis off and hike for a bit, then pop them back on and traverse over a ridge and through rocks, out of sight of anything but the bright orange "Avalanche Danger" and "Unpatrolled area: Ski at own risk!" signs. Then, if you know the right place, you pop off your skis and hike up and around some rocks and look down from the very top of High Rustler, down onto the puny base lodges a mile below and on either side of you.

Of course, to get down to where you can start skiing, you need to jump over the rocks and fall fifteen feet down and five feet forward (recommend that you only perform this on demo skis). Be prepared to start skiing when you hit; it’s pretty damn steep. At least it’ll be untouched powder up to your thighs. At least you can laugh at the people who took the easy way out and went through the trees to skip the rocks. At least you know that once you push yourself off, you won’t have any choice but to finish the job. At least you know that you are about to become a god amongst men.