Pan"ic (?), n. [L. panicum.] Bot.

A plant of the genus Panicum; panic grass; also, the edible grain of some species of panic grass.

Panic grass Bot., any grass of the genus Panicum.


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Pan"ic, a. [Gr. of or pertaining to Pan, to whom the causing of sudden fright was ascribed: cf. F. panique.]

Extreme or sudden and causeless; unreasonable; -- said of fear or fright; as, panic fear, terror, alarm.

"A panic fright."



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Pan"ic, n. [Gr. (with or without fear): cf. F. panigue. See Panic, a.]


A sudden, overpowering fright; esp., a sudden and groundless fright; terror inspired by a trifling cause or a misapprehension of danger; as, the troops were seized with a panic; they fled in a panic.


By extension: A sudden widespread fright or apprehension concerning financial affairs.


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