Trin"ket (?), n. [F. trinquet foremast, also, a certain sail, trinquette a triangular sail, or Sp. trinquete triangular.] Naut.

A three-cornered sail formerly carried on a ship's foremast, probably on a lateen yard.

Sailing always with the sheets of mainsail and trinket warily in our hands. Hakluyt.


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Trin"ket, n. [OE. trenket a sort of knife, hence, probably, a toy knife worn as an ornament; probably from an Old French dialectic form of trenchier to cut. Cf. Trench, v. t.]


A knife; a cutting tool.



A small ornament, as a jewel, ring, or the like.


A thing of little value; a trifle; a toy.


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Trin"ket, v. i.

To give trinkets; hence, to court favor; to intrigue.




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