Spec"ta*cled (?), a.


Furnished with spectacles; wearing spectacles.

As spectacled she sits in chimney nook. Keats.

2. Zool.

Having the eyes surrounded by color markings, or patches of naked skin, resembling spectacles.

Spectacled bear Zool., a South American bear (Tremarclos ornatus) which inhabits the high mountains of Chili and Peru. It has a light-colored ring around each eye. -- Spectacled coot, ∨ Spectacled duck Zool., the surf scoter, or surf duck. [Local, U.S.] -- Spectacled eider Zool. See Eider. -- Spectacled goose Zool., the gannet. -- Spectacled snake Zool., the cobra de capello.


© Webster 1913.