Ref"er*ence (r?f"?r-ens), n. [See Refer.]


The act of referring, or the state of being referred; as, reference to a chart for quidance.


That which refers to something; a specific direction of the attention; as, a reference in a text-book.


Relation; regard; respect.

Something that hath a reference to my state. Shak.


One who, or that which, is referred to.

Specifically; (a)

One of whom inquires can be made as to the integrity, capacity, and the like, of another

. (b)

A work, or a passage in a work, to which one is referred.

5. Law (a)

The act of submitting a matter in dispute to the judgment of one or more persons for decision.

(b) Equity

The process of sending any matter, for inquiry in a cause, to a master or other officer, in order that he may ascertain facts and report to the court.



[R.] "Make your full reference."


Reference Bible, a Bible in which brief explanations, and references to parallel passages, are printed in the margin of the text.


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