Lent (?),

imp. & p. p. of Lend.


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Lent, n. [OE. lente, lenten, leynte, AS. lengten, lencten, spring, lent, akin to D. lente, OHG. lenzin, langiz, G. lenz, and perh. fr. AS. lang long, E. long, because at this season of the year the days lengthen.] Eccl.

A fast of forty days, beginning with Ash Wednesday and continuing till Easter, observed by some Christian churches as commemorative of the fast of our Savior.


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Lent, a. [L. lentus; akin to lenis soft, mild: cf. F. lent. See Lenient.]


Slow; mild; gentle; as, lenter heats.



2. Mus.

See Lento.


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