Griz"zle (?), n. [F. gris: cf. grisaille hair partly gray, fr. gris gray. See Gris, and cf. Grisaille.]

Gray; a gray color; a mixture of white and black. Shak.


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Griz"zle (?), v. t. & i.

To make or become grizzly, or grayish.

Hardship of the way such as would grizzle little children.
R. F. Burton.

I foundgrizzling man whom men addressed as Collins Bey.
Pall Mall Mag.


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Griz"zle, v. i. & t. [Etym. uncertain.]

To worry; to fret; to bother; grumble. [Prov. Eng.] " Don't sit grizzling there." Charles Reade.


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