Ger"mi*nal (?), a. [See Germ.]

Pertaining or belonging to a germ; as, the germinal vesicle.

Germinal layers (Biol.), the two layers of cells, the ectoblast and entoblast, which form respectively the outer covering and inner wall of the gastrula. A third layer of cells, the mesoblast, which is formed later and lies between these two, is sometimes included. --
Germinal membrane. (Biol.) Same as Blastoderm. --
Germinal spot (Biol.), the nucleolus of the ovum. --
Germinal vesicle, (Biol.) , the nucleus of the ovum of animals.


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Ger`mi*nal" (?), n. [F. See Germ .]

The seventh month of the French republican calendar [1792 -- 1806]. It began March 21 and ended April 19. See VendÉmiaire.


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Ger"mi*nal, a. (Biol.)

Of or pertaining to the germ, or germ cells, as distinguished from the somatic cells.


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