Gem"el (?), a. [OF. gemel twin, F. jumeau, L. gemellus twin, doubled, dim. of geminus. See Gemini, and cf. Gimmal.] Her.

Coupled; paired.

Bars gemel (Her.), two barrulets placed near and parallel to each other.


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Gem"el (?), n.


One of the twins.



2. Heb.

One of the barrulets placed parallel and closed to each other. Cf. Bars gemel, under Gemel, a.

Two gemels silver between two griffins passant. Strype.

Gemel hinge Locksmithing, a hinge consisting of an eye or loop and a hook. -- Gemel ring, a ring with two or more links; a gimbal. See Gimbal. -- Gemel window, a window with two bays.


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