Gant"let (?), n. [Gantlet is corrupted fr. gantlope; gantlope is for gatelope, Sw. gatlopp, orig., a running down a lane; gata street, lane + lopp course, career, akin to lopa to run. See Gate a way, and Leap.]

A military punishment formerly in use, wherein the offender was made to run between two files of men facing one another, who struck him as he passed.

To run the gantlet, to suffer the punishment of the gantlet; hence, to go through the ordeal of severe criticism or controversy, or ill-treatment at many hands.

Winthrop ran the gantlet of daily slights. Palfrey.

⇒ Written also, but less properly, gauntlet.


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Gant"let, n.

A glove. See Gauntlet.


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