For"ward*ness, n.

The quality of being forward; cheerful readiness; promptness; as, the forwardness of Christians in propagating the gospel.


An advanced stage of progress or of preparation; advancement; as, his measures were in great forwardness.



Eagerness; ardor; as, it is difficult to restrain the forwardness of youth.


Boldness; confidence; assurance; want of due reserve or modesty.

In France it is usual to bring children into company, and cherish in them, from their infancy, a kind of forwardness and assurance.


A state of advance beyond the usual degree; prematureness; precocity; as, the forwardnessof spring or of corn; the forwardness of a pupil.

He had such a dexterous proclivity, as his teachers were fain to restrain his forwardness.
Sir H. Wotton.

Syn. -- Promptness; promptitude; eagerness; ardor; zeal; assurance; confidence; boldness; impudence; presumption.


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