E*ryth"rite (?), n. [Gr. red.]

1. Chem.

A colorless crystalline substance, C4H6.(OH)4, of a sweet, cooling taste, extracted from certain lichens, and obtained by the decomposition of erythrin; -- called also erythrol, erythroglucin, erythromannite, pseudorcin, cobalt bloom, and under the name phycite obtained from the alga Protococcus vulgaris. It is a tetrabasic alcohol, corresponding to glycol and glycerin.

<-- now usu. called erythritol, HO.CH2.CHOH.CHOH.CH2.OH Has coronary vasodilator activity. -->

2. Min.

A rose-red mineral, crystallized and earthy, a hydrous arseniate of cobalt, known also as cobalt bloom; -- called also erythrin or erythrine.


© Webster 1913.