Em"er*ald (?), n. [OE. emeraude, OF. esmeraude, esmeralde, F. 'emeraude, L. smaragdus, fr. Gr. ; cf. kr. marakata.]

1. Min.

A precious stone of a rich green color, a variety of beryl. See Beryl.

2. Print.

A kind of type, in size between minion and nonparel. It is used by English printers.

�xb5; This line is printed in the type called emerald.


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Em"er*ald, a.

Of a rich green color, like that of the emerald.

"Emerald meadows."


Emerald fish Zool., a fish of the Gulf of Mexico (Gobionellus oceanicus), remarkable for the brilliant green and blue color of the base of the tongue; -- whence the name; -- called also esmeralda. -- Emerald green, a very durable pigment, of a vivid light green color, made from the arseniate of copper; green bice; Scheele's green; -- also used adjectively; as, emerald green crystals. -- Emerald Isle, a name given to Ireland on account of the brightness of its verdure. -- Emerald spodumene, ∨ Lithia emerald. Min. See Hiddenite. -- Emerald nickel. Min. See Zaratite.


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