Dol"er*ite (?), n. [Gr. &?; deceitful; because it was easily confounded with diorite.] (Geol. & Min.)

A dark-colored, basic, igneous rock, composed essentially of pyroxene and a triclinic feldspar with magnetic iron. By many authors it is considered equivalent to a coarse-grained basalt.


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Dol"er*ite (?), n. [Gr. &?; deceptive, because easily confounded with diorite.] (Petrography)


A dark, crystalline, igneous rock, chiefly pyroxene with labradorite.


Coarse- grained basalt.




Any dark, igneous rock composed chiefly of silicates of iron and magnesium with some feldspar. -- Dol`er*it"ic (#), a.


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