Cy"cloid (s?"kloid), n. [Cyclo- + -oid: cf. F. cycloide.] Geom.

A curve generated by a point in the plane of a circle when the circle is rolled along a straight line, keeping always in the same plane.

⇒ The common cycloid is the curve described when the generating point (p) is on the circumference of the generating circle; the curtate cycloid, when that point lies without the circumference; the prolate or inflected cycloid, when the generating point (p) lies within that circumference.


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Cy"cloid, a. Zool.

Of or pertaining to the Cycloidei.

Cycloid scale Zool., a fish scale which is thin and shows concentric lines of growth, without serrations on the margin.


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Cy"cloid, n. Zool.

One of the Cycloidei.


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