Cu"cul*late (k?"k?l-l?t ∨ k?-k?l"l?t), Cu"cul*la`ted (-l?`t?d ∨ -l?-t?d), a. [LL. cullatus, fr. L. cucullus a cap, hood. See Cowl a hood.]


Hooded; cowled; covered, as with a hood.

Sir T. Browne.

2. Bot.

Having the edges toward the base rolled inward, as the leaf of the commonest American blue violet.

3. Zool. (a)

Having the prothorax elevated so as to form a sort of hood, receiving the head, as in certain insects.


Having a hoodlike crest on the head, as certain birds, mammals, and reptiles.


© Webster 1913.