Cad"dice, Cad"dis (?), n. [Prov. E. caddy, cadew; cf. G. koder bait.] Zool.

The larva of a caddice fly. These larvae generally live in cylindrical cases, open at each end, and covered externally with pieces of broken shells, gravel, bits of wood, etc. They are a favorite bait with anglers. Called also caddice worm, or caddis worm.

Caddice fly Zool., a species of trichopterous insect, whose larva is the caddice.


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Cad"dis, n. [OE. caddas, Scot. caddis lint, caddes a kind of woolen cloth, cf. Gael. cada, cadadh, a kind of cloth, cotton, fustian, W. cadas, F. cadis.]

A kind of worsted lace or ribbon.

"Caddises, cambrics, lawns."



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