Au*gus"tine (?), Au`gus*tin"i*an (?), n. Eccl.

A member of one of the religious orders called after St. Augustine; an Austin friar.


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Au`gus*tin"i*an, a.

Of or pertaining to St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo in Northern Africa (b. 354 -- d. 430), or to his doctrines.

Augustinian canons, an order of monks once popular in England and Ireland; -- called also regular canons of St. Austin, and black canons. -- Augustinian hermits or Austin friars, an order of friars established in 1265 by Pope Alexander IV. It was introduced into the United States from Ireland in 1790. -- Augustinian nuns, an order of nuns following the rule of St. Augustine. -- Augustinian rule, a rule for religious communities based upon the 109th letter of St. Augustine, and adopted by the Augustinian orders. <-- sic original was "Regular canons of St. Austin".?? Not St. Augustine? -->


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Au`gus*tin"i*an, n.

One of a class of divines, who, following St. Augustine, maintain that grace by its nature is effectual absolutely and creatively, not relatively and conditionally.


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