Pop music is evil; there's no denying that. And how Teenie-Boppers can sit and listen to the same song with the same high pitched screechy voice is beyond me. I think the reason kids listen to this stuff is because satan has control over them.

Here's how it is:
Satan got control over one weak-minded little, popular girl. She told her friends that this music was good, and since she was popular, boom, IT became popular too. Now all those people who think it was popular, tell tehir friends it's popular, and just like an epidemic, it spreads itself across the world.

Now, you're thinking "Ok, so satan got kids to like this music, so what?" Here's the catch: Satan gave all these pop artists their power and fame in excange for their souls. It's true.. I.. read it somewhere.. yeah!

Anyway.. Now that more and more children are being sucked into this sick game the devil's playing, he's gradually changing the feel of the music to love and heart-break to mass destruction and death. Children will change their feeling too and become violent, and chaos will reign supreme! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Ok.. and back to the whole Hell thing, if there is a satan (which there is because how else would such crappy music attract so many followers), he has to live someplace, and that place is hell.

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