Sure.. it makes it simpler because then you don't have to use your brain. If the only reason to believe in god is your own sloth, then you have a problem, my friend.

There are many religions with their own sets of standards and beliefs. Most believe in either a god, or group of god type beings. People believe in gods only because it's easier for them to accept the world around them. I mean, look.. If someone doesn't understand something, then WHAMMO!.. it happened divinely. People might say "Well, if there's no God, where'd the universe come from?" Good question! Now, since you think there is a god, naturally you assume that he made it, and you don't have to think about it any longer. Problem solved. This takes a lot of pressure off their brains. They don't have to think about why the sky's blue (because God made it that way, obviously), or why we're flying though space on a huge rock .

See, people are ALWAYS looking for the easy way out. It's human nature. People also believe believe what they're told as long as they think everyone else believes the same. They're sheep (baaahh)... but there are those who believe in God because they think they've seen him, he's healed them, he's helped them through hard time etc... Well good for you, you're entitled to believe what you want. You have your proof, and that's all you need.

It all boils down to this: are you a sloth?
Sloth: You believe what you do because everyone else does, or because it's easier on you.
True Believer: You believe because the power of God in your life is too overwhelming to not believe.

There _is_ a babelfish, afterall ;P