While it is utterly pointless to debunk any of the good doctor's statements (as those who believe them will and do believe anything, most fervently when there are facts to disprove it), I would note that his claim that Mr. Fox's use of L-Dopa will be counteracted by the presence of aspartame in his system is contrary even to his own faulty and mysterious logic. He has said that aspartame decreases dopamine production (decreased dopamine production being a hallmark of Parkinson's disease), yet L-Dopa is designed to metabolize directly into dopamine in order to bypass the blood-brain barrier. In other words the dopamine doesn't have to be produced--that's the whole point of ingesting it.

Simply: Aspartame supposedly makes him unable to produce dopamine, and so the dopamine analog doctors put into his bloodstream is somehow rendered ineffectual. How is that supposed to work?

But again, so is the whole statement. Thank you, Doctor Bowen (if you exist--Google seems to think you do) for this work of medical comedy.