I've just been victim of a theft. Somebody broke into my car and stole a few euro coins (park meter fodder) and a digital camera that I left carelessly in the glove compartment (top-of-the-line five years ago, a dinosaur today).

The lock on the driver's door has been twisted with a chisel or a screwdriver.

This has been my first theft. The thing that amazes me most is my reaction, of utter indifference: "Oh, somebody stole something from my car". No emotional strings attached - the friend that was with me was more upset than I was.

Considering that I've heard that feelings of violation are not uncommon after such an experience, I can offer the following explanations:

  1. I am about to achieve Nirvana, a state where I look down to my mortal belongings as entirely worthless.

  2. Money falls out of my ass on daily basis, so the loss of a camera is a small matter.

  3. My brain is wired in a strange way, and somebody forgot to put emotions inside along with the rest.

Explanation n. 1 is tempting but unlikely; n. 2 is not worth considering; n. 3 is rather disturbing, therefore I suspect that there is some truth in it.