A rather dangerous way of recovering from a failed BIOS update, such as one where the system hangs or reboots during the Flash memory write process. This process requires two working motherboards with similar chipsets, with socketed BIOS chips on both (if they're soldered in on both, you're most likely out of luck). The process is as follows...
1. Remove Flash chip from dead motherboard.
2. Loosen the Flash chip up in its socket on the working motherboard so it's very easy to pry out of its socket, yet still making contact (the system won't boot otherwise).
3. Boot the system with the working motherboard up, using a clean boot disk with the Flash utility and BIOS image file on it. Not the Windows boot disk, just a plain ol' format /s. Remove the chip from it, preferably using a nonmetallic chip puller.
4. Insert the Flash chip from the nonworking system into it, and run the flash update utility.
5. Pray.
6. If it works, exchange the chips back to their rightful owners. You should now have two working systems.
This procedure should ONLY be used as a last resort, as it can leave you with two DEAD systems.