Location where a Blacksburg Transit bus stops and waits until a specified time point to continue on route. Most routes have one timecheck on the VT campus and another at the furthest point the route goes away from campus.

For example, on my Hethwood/Windsor Hills 20F route Tuesday nights, where the bus goes alternate directions on each half-hour, there are four timechecks:

I usually get to each one about 2-3 minutes early at first; as the night goes on, I can make each run faster as fewer people ride, particularly to Windsor Hills -- I've made the run outbound in 9 minutes, leaving 6 minutes to chill on the bus at the WH timecheck.

Other routes' timechecks have better things to do; on either Toms Creek route, you can go 10-7 at the UCB timecheck and go to 7-Eleven.

Another in my series of Blacksburg Transit nodes.