Professional baseball player; utility infielder, playing primarily first base and second base, for the Boston Red Sox. Before joining the Sox in 1999, he played 1990-1995 for the Los Angeles Dodgers and 1996-1998 for the Kansas City Royals. One of a select few players to hit a home run in his first major league at-bat.*

When Offerman first came to the majors, he was hyped as an excellent hitter (hype which he didn't really start living up to until 1995), but a terrible fielder atshortstop, one of the most key defensive positions. This led to a rather cruel, but funny, joke in the early '90s:

How do you spell "Offerman"?
One 'O', two 'F's, and forty-seven 'E's.

* Thanks to RimRod for the info.