The year Christmas was cancelled.

This year, there was no Christmas, at least not for me. I thought I wouldn't care, not being a Christian for more then 10 years now, but the spirit of the season still affects me even if the story behind it means nothing to me.

But this year, everything was different: Living in Japan for more than a year now, I know things are different, and like them that way. Last year, everything was still fresh and new, and I could live with missing christmas, didn't even notice something missing. And it was always possible to get into the spirit somehow, have a party with friends, at least last year.

However, since I started working as an Intern at TBS last summer, schedules have gotten tighter, and Japanese companies don't go into holiday until next week-end, I have been sitting at my desk for the last few days, surfing the net as there currently is nothing for me to do. But physical presence is required, and so I waste away the hours, feeling bored. Yesterday I got to answer one letter, which is one more letter than the day before. When they find something for me to do, the position is interesting, and I can learn a lot but currently...

The supply package from home, carrying christmas Stollen, Spekulatius, Lebkuchen, Printen and the other necessary fatteners arrived late, too late for me to get into the mood, but in time to make me feel being alone. I miss setting out the tree, eating the traditional potato salad on christmas eve, but most of all, I miss being with my parents, my brother, my grandparents ...

Next year, there will be christmas, this year, I node!

I finally did it, and wrote a daylog. Wonders never cease.