A movie from 1982, based on a broadway play by Ira Levin and starring Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve. Both actors do an extremely convincing job of portraying their characters in this movie, especially Reeve's acting is intense.

To describe the plot would probably give away too much, as this movie relies on it's plot twists and unexpected turns, but a short introduction must be in order. Sidney (Caine) is a playwright whose latest plays not only tanked, but stank. Returning from his latest premiere, already being ripped apart by critics, he reads a manuscript sent to him by one of the students from his art class.

The script is gold, absolutely perfect, and could mean a new start for his career. So he invites Clifford (Reeve) over to discuss the script. But that is not all he planned. Other memorable characters include Helga TenDorp, a dutch psychic, Sidneys lawyer, Porter Milgram and Sidney's wife, Myra, who fears the worst... But all is not as it seems. As someone on IMDb so aptly put it: This is not a whodunnit, but a who'll do it first to whom!.

Buy it, rent it, watch it on television, but see it. It is not as good as a similar movie also starring Caine, Sleuth, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.