A 2001(?) "release" by the band Self. Only available in mp3 format, free for download at Self's homepage (www.spongebathrec.com/self) and various sites around the internet. Recorded during the Gizmodgery sessions.

You really, really have to be a fan to appreciate this one. This "album" is made up of muzak versions of other Self songs. It's actually a pretty pleasant listen, if you can get past the incredible weirdness of it all.

How fucking cool is a band when they release a muzak album?

And how fucking cool would a department store be if they actually played this stuff?

Track listing:

  1. Sassy Britches (Kung-Pow Mix)
  2. Cannon (Rave-a-licious Mix)
  3. Flip-Top Box (Super Mario Mix)
  4. Crimes on Paper (David Sanborn Mix)
  5. So Low (Banjo Kazooie Mix)
  6. Uno Song (Billy Joel Mix)