I'm not doing any decent coding on this log cause I don't care.

My dog is missing.

My mother called me tonight after calling my two sisters.

Yesterday at about 4 o'clock she put Shmegga outside so she could eat and run around. My mother went back inside to cook herself some jambalaya.

Now Shemgga is an about 10/11 year old shitzu. She's never really got past being a young dog. She's always been a happy puppy (even when she thought she was a cat), though she's lost most of her teeth, has chronic back problems, and last year had to have liver surgery. She's content being by herself but loves people, and she can be forgetful.

When my mother went to go check on her and let her in, she wasn't in the back yard. My mom went out looking for her but couldn't find her. She asked neighbors but they didn't know anything. Shmegga probably just decided to squeeze under the fence and have an adventure like she used to. She hasan't been gone this long before, because we've always been around to chase her down and bring her back, or she wanders up to a window and barks to be let back in. She's been missing for over a day.

I can only hope that she's been pick up by someone, and when my mother goes out leafing the neighborhood with pictures she might at least get a lead. But it's a four hour drive from here to Arlington, I have to work so I can't do shit about this. All I can do is worry.

Edit: And of course someone downvoted this. Whoever they are can burn in hell.

Edit: It's been over a month and there has been no sign of her. The only news I have is that I think I can now cope with the loss, and if I go bak to Arlington to visit, or for doctor appointments, I could avoid going nuts wandering around all night trying to find her and assaulting everyone within two miles of the house.