I mean, it's embarrassing, really. You thought you were Shakespeare and everything, and now you find it, and it’s… well, it’s something written by a ten-year-old.

It’s awful. Truly. It’s horrible, and nasty, and filled with odd references to forgotten days, and all kinda of bad poetic devices, and stuff.

The sad part is that you still think it’s kinda cool, in a strange, nostalgic kinda way…

Not that this happened to me, or anything….

I am just an egg
not like dennis quade
I eat stuff that is good
not stuff that is not so good
Am I just an egg i ask
or was i more than a egg from a bass
Egg egg or am I?

jumping on a rope
laughing at a joke
Kicking people at random
so I can......... pandom
do you like cheese they ask
no I reply

I like oranges

So do you have some telephones at your house
I will blow up a mouse
Ok I reply but that is no egg